F700 Challenge - F700 defective

Started Nov 27, 2003 | Discussions thread
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David314 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,790
F700 Challenge - F700 defective

Two weeks ago i stated that the F700 does not use the R sensor when producing an jpeg image inside the camera.


With the exception of this


(which i could not duplicate)

I have still NEVER seen any evidence that the R sensor is used.

In raw converted to TIFF, most definitely but not very well.

Since then i found that the raw file has an embedded thumbnail that is a jpeg that is produced in the camera that has the R sensor in it


and Thomas Knoll at Adobe was able to take this


and make this


Basically i have come to the conclusion that the SR sensor in the camera is amazing (it can give you 4+ stops of extended range)

BUT.... the camera is defective since it NEVER uses it.

So i have written to Fujifilm (here and in Japan), sent email to every reputable reviewer i could think of but outside this forum, big silence.

So, F700 users chime in, help get this word out or, prove me wrong!

Shoot in raw mode and use this software


I know that over hundreds have seen this pictures, at least some have downloaded the software.

What can we gain? A free upgrade to the new raw conveter? A recall on the cameras? A personal apology from Fuji? Proof from Fuji that I am wrong?

I would take anything.


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