Would you pay for firmware?

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Would you pay for firmware?

With all the discussion around the OM-1 and OM-1 Mark ii, and the articles that this has (presumably) inspired here on DPReview and on Petapixel, I'm curious as to what this community's preferences are regarding paying for firmware. Hopefully this thread will also spur a discussion on why you feel the way you do.

For the purposes of this poll, "firmware" refers to new features or improved functionality of existing features. Here are a few examples:

  • Minor value-add, e.g. new grid lines, access the OM-1 Menu by pressing the Trash button (a OM-1ii feature).
  • New functionality, e.g. ND filter or focus stacking in a camera that doesn't currently offer it.
  • Improving existing feature, e.g. +1 stop of IBIS.

For this poll, "firmware" DOES NOT include fixing software glitches or adding compatibility with new lenses, which all camera makers do anyway.

So, will you pay for firmware that adds or improves functionality (value addition)?

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I will not pay for firmware. Camera makers have a moral responsibility to provide new features if the hardware supports them.
31.0% 36  votes
I will only pay a one-time fee to buy a new feature, but not a subscription. Once I buy it, it's mine.
62.1% 72  votes
I will only pay a subscription fee, in case I change my mind or sell my camera.
0.0% 0  votes
I'm okay with either a one-time purchase or a subscription.
6.9% 8  votes
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