420 EX Flash, second curtain?

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Re: 420 EX Flash, second curtain?

The flash support 2nd curtain, but it has to be set on the camera body. Since the 300D doesn't have an option for 2nd curtain (yet) you are out of luck.

Your two options are:

1. Wait for the firmware to be hacked. WHEN it is hacked, it may or may not have an option for 2nd curtain sync.

2. Buy either the Canon Speedlite 550 EX or Sigma 500 Super DG. Both flashes have an option for 2nd curtain flash

Lens Cap wrote:

I've been looking at the 420 ex as my flash unit, and can't seem to
get the answer I'm looking for. Here it is, does this flash allow
for second curtain synch with the digi reb? The B&H site refers to
rear curtain sync, which I'm assuming is the second curtain, but I
can't find a source that clearly states second curtain. I like
photo's with streaks of light, and prefer the flash at the and of
the action rather than the begining. Hopefully somebody can help
with this.

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