ZV-E1 compact vlogging lens - viltrox 20mm f2.8 OR sigma 17mm f4?

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ZV-E1 compact vlogging lens - viltrox 20mm f2.8 OR sigma 17mm f4?


so I have the ZV-E1

I have two zooms (tamron 17-28mm and sigma 28-70mm)

I need a compact lens that is small and lightweight and keeps the overall footprint of the camera into a smaller package (I mean size and portability is one of the reasons I went with ZV-E1 but FF glass IS bulky!)

the smallest I could find to use as a daily go-everywhere setup with the ZV-E1 are two lenses

Viltrox 20mm f2.8 which is like $158 USD (super cheap!)

Sigma 17mm f4 at $599 US

I don't think f4 is bad because I want to show the surroundings and everything anyway, so it's fine

BUT is the price difference worth it?

I mean viltrox is slightly larger and lighter (157g), while sigma is barely smaller and heavier (220grams) (I don't know if it's that's noticeable honestly)
Viltrox has a very little focus noise, but is a lot cheaper
Sigma is baaareeely heavier but is generally the superior lens in almost every regard and is perfect imho for vlogging. its only weakness against the viltrox is price! the viltrox is significantly cheaper at 158$
so my question is:


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Sigma 17mm f4
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Viltrox 20mm f2.8
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