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Re: That's not quite how it works......

David wrote:

BackToNature1 wrote:

David wrote:

There's an old saying that goes by "What one can do, all can do the same!"

One first has to have the opportunity to do it. There is one bird I have only seen twice in my life. Yet it's a bird known to my location.

Compare when 2 people shoot at the same place at the same time with the exact same gear. Otherwise it's a pointless argument.

One could practice on birds that are easy to find such as "ducks" and "flying ducks" and Black Capped Chikadees, so it's not a pointless argument. And in fact, two my wildlife instructors, one of which had won Wildlife Photographer of the Year as well as his works displaying in the Smithsonian museum actually did just that. He practised on easy birds at the age of 10 using camera gear that were even less sophisticated than he has now, which is the Canon R5. But you know what, he said he practised a lot. And he told me to STOP MAKING EXCUSES that I couldn't get great shots with what I have. He said that he has used worst gear than he has now and that didn't stop him from earning awards.

It's only a pointless argument when a person wants to justify this not to be true. I've done competitive cycling and swimming myself and met my fair share of individuals who love to point fingers at other things why they couldn't qualify to be this or that. But if one would objectively look at their performances, it is "them" making excuses for their own failures!!

Gear not up to the task isn't making excuses. Too bad far many can't seem to understand that. Fact is, when it comes to cycle and swimming, all things else being equal, 2 folks will never be equal. That's just the breaks in life. Same for different gear and same for Photography.

Plenty of folks win awards which itself can be totally useless in coming to a defacto reason as to why. Human Ego rarely allows for understanding much of anything else these days. Hence the, well stop making excuses nonsense as oppose to understanding what actually happened.

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