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Re: I don't see a real use for any Site that.....

Atho wrote:

BackToNature1 wrote:

nzmacro wrote:

Nobody else does what he does in a consistent environment. Simple as that and yes, I do mention that site quite often, because of the consistency. I will continue to use that site and mention it.

All the best and until there's a better alternative to that site, I will use it as being relatively correct overall. You don't have to like the figures he uses, but it is consistent.


Isn't consistently shooting small birds. Which is to say I have yet to really come across any shooting small BIF. Most sites are shooting the easiest of birds. Anyone of decent skill and close enough with a decent camera can score well with that. I don't need any site to explain that. Large subjects that is.

No one disagrees with you so if you can come up with a repeatable formula to photograph small birds then please share.

Until then we have Mathieu and he does an admirable job of providing a yardstick for at least some of us who understand that it is a test not the word of some unknown deity or Jim Stirling...

But that's the problem, it's not a Yardstick. Not for small BIF.

I watch plenty of channels that do literally the same, Bigger birds not smaller ones. So I just want folks to understand the huge difference. I would love to get paid for the challenge of shooting small birds with different camera brands. There are far Worst Jobs out there.

For at least a decade since I have started being aware, smaller birds comes to my Home weekly. Anything from Nuthatches, Dark eye Juncos, Tit Mouse, Wrens EVERY day, Mockingbirds, everyday, Blue Jays everyday, Black capped chickadees, Sparrows, Kinglets, at least 5 different Woodpeckers, Brown thrasher, Cardinals every day, Mourning Doves, Robins, and that is without ever leaving my property. So I hardly lack the subject matter. But we know it takes far more than that.

There are reviewers whom will set out bait to set up the shot. I don't bait and don't have any Feeders in my yards. So setting up a consistent test for erratic birds small birds does present a challenges without some intervention on our part. These self proclaimed Dr Dolittle of shooting wildlife are mostly made of Myth.

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