One Way to Fix Merrill low Shadow Saturation

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One Way to Fix Merrill low Shadow Saturation

Of course, there are other ways.

It has been said that Sigma deliberately reduces saturation in the shadows so as to obscure poor color there. Personally, I don't care about that - but some folks like their shadows to be prettier ... like this maybe:

Edited in the GIMP

So here's one way to edit only "the shadows". It does involve Layers and Masking, sorry.

Open the image and duplicate it as two more Layers.

Go to the top Layer and convert it to GrayScale. This will be used as a Luminosity Mask. Invert the image - because masks allow 100% edit in white and no editing in black. By inverting the image, the shadows become white or white-ish and therefore editable..

Go to the next layer down and add any old mask - then copy and paste the top layer into that mask.

Select that layer and make it the only visible layer - then crank up the saturation **.

By using a luminosity mask the grey parts allow a bit of editing but the darker parts allow less so that the sky and treetops are hardly affected at all.

Now make the original (bottom Layer) visible and set the merging to taste. Job done!

** any other editing to the shadows can be done at this stage, e.g. Lightening, more or less contrast, etc.

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