Nikon Z5 Sensor Issue: Unusual Patterns in RAW Images - Seeking Analysis and Guidance

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Nikon Z5 Sensor Issue: Unusual Patterns in RAW Images - Seeking Analysis and Guidance

Hello guys! I've bought my new Nikon Z5 3 days ago and have made a couple of shots.

My shots were taken in RAW mode and further opened in Lightroom Classic. After some noise removal by Lightroom AI and trying to adjust the exposure, I've noticed a noise pattern that does not look like random noise from the camera.

After some browsing about sensors, hot, stuck, and dead pixels, I've decided to check whether I have some.

Look at the pictures in attachments.

  • The first and second images have a horizontal line, dividing the image into 2 equal parts, I guess. The second image is absolutely the same as the first but with some annotations I've made. Also, there is a gradient pattern going from the top to the bottom of the image.
  • But in the third image, there is a clearly visible gradient. The top part of the image is darker, while the bottom one is more reddish.

I need to note that the first and second images were taken with Nikon Z5, Lens Z 24-700 f/4 S, with the cap on it. ISO 51200, f/22, shutter - 30 seconds. The raw image was further opened in Photoshop Raw, and Brightness was maximized.

The third image is pretty much the same as the first and second in terms of the gear used, but ISO 800, shutter 1/1000 second. Brightness maxed, curve 25/288.

Raw image 14-bit uncompressed.

Could you please assist me with these issues? Perhaps I need to return my camera under warranty?

The RAW file for first, second image -

The RAW file for thrid image -

First image

second image

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