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Hello all, I am new to the A7RV, exactly 3 weeks to the date as a matter of fact. I am still learning of course but i was wondering if some you can post, which RAW mode you use and why?

Thank you very much in advance.

The 26mp lossless compressed raw could be a very good alternative, with files better than what a 26mp sensor (or even more) would give.

This is what dpreview writes with the Sony A7RV review:
"your 26MP Raws will look better than those from a 26 or 24MP camera"

So the result is in fact much closer to the 61mp raw image than you could expect... You lose very little.


There is one problem (not 2) whch is with the highlights. There are absolutely no reasons why Sony could not fix this.

My conclusion is simple. For the moment avoid absolutely raw lossless (M and S).

I am happy with compressed raw, it still saves a bit memory space, otherwise use lossless raw (L) for ultimate IQ.

2 good choices.

Two other downsides with M & S lossless raw are:

* reduced maximum fps

* cannot process files through DXO PureRAW

Probably also cannot process with Adobe Denoise AI.

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