Olympus EM1.3 EVF issue on new camera

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Olympus EM1.3 EVF issue on new camera

I got a new EM1 mk3 on the BF sale. While everything physical about the camera feels great (buttons, dials, etc), I am running into a huge dilemma about the EVF, and whether to return the camera or not.

No, I am not complaining that it’s not an OLED, I have an em1x and I find the EVF on it to be perfectly fine, large, bright, and accurate color. The em1.3 EVF however, is slightly smaller (which is ok), but is a bit dimmer in comparison, and has a warmer color tone to it, and with more color saturation. It looks very artificial and a bit wrong. There is a clear color difference when I switch from EVF to LCD (the LCD looks better and more correct).

I did some testing to see if it’s just the EVF or the perhaps the camera/sensor itself is not well calibrated. Results are a bit inconclusive. The sensors I feel is PROBABLY fine, as I don’t really see that much difference in day light street photos (SOOC JPG at default settings) between the em1x and em1.3. There are differences, the saturation on the em1.3 is slightly higher, but difference is really small and hard to say which version is better.

In artificial lighting however, I do notice more differences. The em1.3 often has a more red/warmer cast to it with auto white balance. If I do custom white balance on both camera, the readings of wb color temperature varies occasionally (ie, 2500 vs 2600), but the resulting picture from both camera looks almost identical in terms of color. Differences are probably due to the Truepic engine difference I suppose. But I feel custom white balance may mask out sensor calibration issues (say if reference is 2600k, but camera reads it as 2500k?)

When I switch between the 2 cameras pointing at the same scene, the em1x’s EVF looks nice and enjoyable. The em1.3’s EVF is just less enjoyable. I don’t think I can live with it, considering I wanted it to be my main take everywhere with me camera.

My dilemma is whether I should just return it and call it a day, or perhaps exchange for another unit. I don’t know if mine was just a bad EVF sample, or if Olympus just don’t calibrate the em1.3 EVF at factory as carefully as they do with the em1x. It’ll be a huge hassle if the new unit turns out to be the same.

Anyone have both the em1.3 and another Olympus (say em1x or em1.2, or em5.3?), does the EVF look similar between the units?

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