70 MP FF Sony camera de facto announced

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70 MP FF Sony camera de facto announced

Sony announced de facto a full frame 70 MP sensor.

The IMX661 is the medium format global shutter equivalent to the recently pre announced A9 III.

Of course companies are working on multiple fronts at the same time. Looking for global shutter and larger format sensors I found the announcement of the IMX661 which I had forgotten since it is below my expectations with respect to FF resolution with only 128 MP resulting in gross 72 MP and net probably 70 MP for 36x24 mm sensor size.

Following the small medium format sensor built into the GFX 100 type cameras with identical pixel pitch and data it is to be expected that the 3,45 µm pixel pitch might be utilized for a FF sensor too - they did it in the past and the small medium format sensor had been announced before the FF pendant.

In combination with the global shutter orientation of Sony lately it seems quite logic to use this cell design in other sensors too.

Or in other words - a 70 MP FF sensor is probably on its way. Translating into 31 MP in 1.5x crop - which would be a nice cropping headroom too.

Not a big leap in performance and probably on the lowest side of my expectations from Sony but unfortunately the most realistic step in resolution in the coming year.

IMHO we have the next step ahead and with global shutter on the marketing side of things Sony would have a compelling story to tell.

13 fps @ 14 bit and 70 MP would be a nice offering too. And since it would hardly sell as an Alpha One R and more like an A7R VI that would probably mean a more reasonable price tag around $ 4 .. 5 k rather than 7 k for a 100+ MP Alpha One R - which I would personally like to see more.

Would YOU buy such a camera? ( mind you - the difference in per pixel performance will be similar to existing gear and the win in resolution will be limited but with 4x Pixel Shift it will be arguably the best resolving FF camera on the market )

Would I buy one? Probably yes - simply because it will be rather affordable and surely a 100+ MP camera would be out several years.

What do you guys think?

I'll get back to my prediction when such a camera will be announced - and I am pretty sure the probability will be quite high - Sony is not likely to develop limitless incarnations of pixel sizes in that area and with probably 24+ frames at 8 bit it would be a good hybrid camera as well - thus the video centric applications would benefit as well.

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