A7C vs A7CR - 12 reasons to upgrade

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A7C vs A7CR - 12 reasons to upgrade

Having spent a couple of weeks with my A7CR, and a couple of years with my A7C, I figured I'd do a quick comparison. Please excuse the ghastly phone snaps!

Most reviews and early experiences seem fairly positive. Yes, there is the usual whining about EVF still being too small, one card slot being too few, etc. I was afraid they would strip it of a lot more features to distinguish it from the higher ranking A7RV. On the contrary, it looks like they crammed as much as possible into the compact body without bloating it. Respect!

I don't use video much, so I can't speak to improvements in that area. I also only shoot Raw, so things like HEIF output or special JPG processing may be a welcome addition for some but is mostly lost on me. So here it is, in no particular order, from a stills raw shooter perspective...

1) Better AF
Not only is it better/faster/stickier, it also contains an "AI processing unit" for subject recognition and tracking. Works well with Cats and Birds and People of course. Just got to remember to set it to whatever you're shooting.

2) Focus bracketing
Not everyone is into this, but if you like shooting macro, and you have used it on other cameras, it's a fantastic addition. Even some landscapes can profit from it.

3) Improved IBIS
This is difficult to measure, but there is a good improvement, especially considering the increased resolution which requires better technique, shorter shutter speeds, or - yes - improved IBIS for sharp results.

4) Better EVF
The new EVF is not only larger, it is also easier to view in its entirety. The A7C EVF required ones eyeball to be pressed onto it, and even then the corners were a bit hard to see. It worked, but the new one certainly looks better.

5) Better rear LCD
Just makes sense to have a 3:2 ratio screen for a 3:2 ratio sensor, doesn't it?
Touch functionality, once you get used to it, allows for quicker adjustments than menu-diving. How did we ever survive without?

6) Moar pixels in same size body
Going from 24MP to 61MP allows for serious cropping, which in turn reduces the need for long, large, expensive telephoto lenses. If you resize your processed files to 20 or 24MP, prime lenses act pretty much like 2x zoom lenses.

7) Lossless compressed Raw
Finally a good compromise between data loss vs huge file size. Sony catching up to other brands, eventually.

8) APC-S mode raw - instant teleconverter?
If you don't want to shoot 61MP files all the time, and/or know you will crop anyway, this mode results in a reduced 26MP file, which is still fully Raw and can be processed by the various Raw converters for perfect de-noising. Growing to like it quite a bit.

9) Better grip
Small changes make a small difference, especially for larger hands. The included screw-on grip turns the compact C into something beefier... maybe better for bigger lenses, or to impress neighbors?

10) Front dial and extra button
More dials, wheels, buttons, why not. I assigned ISO to the front wheel, EV adjustments on top, and aperture and shutter to the two dials on the back.
The extra button comes in handy to quickly zoom in to APS-C raw mode.

11) High res option
Pixel shift creates files up to 240MP big, very impressive under the right circumstances. Elevates pixel-peeping to entirely new levels. Not for every day, but when opportunity knocks, the camera is ready. As long as it sits on a stable surface (a rock, maybe?), and the subject holds still. Oh and no wind. Or earthquakes. Or trucks going by.

12) New menu and processing power
Once you figure out the new menu structure it may be easier. At first, it is not, and involves a bit of re-learning. I just realized there is not one MyMenu, but 6!! At least! Oh my. Excuse me while I add more items.

Hope this helped someone who currently wields the A7C but dreams of more Pixels.

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