Comparing Sony A7CR to Leica Q3?

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Re: Comparing Sony A7CR to Leica Q3?

ray_burnimage wrote:

John Jennings wrote:

I am getting very close to buying a Leica Q3, but comparing the new Sony A7CR, it looks like the Sony with a fast GM prime might be a winning combo. What am I missing? I shoot mostly landscapes and architecture, but want to experiment with street photography too. Any thoughts?

My Leica Q3 equivalent is an A7Rv with 35mm GM. Not as compact but better in every way. I also use the 20mm 1.8G which is superlative and smaller. I can use this at full frame or as a 30mm 1.8 in crop mode for 26mp, getting me closer to that Leica FOV. (And beating the only Q I ever owned, the original 24mp version)

Put any of these lenses on a smaller A7CR body to get even closer to that Leica Q experience (more compact) and there's no comparison ... the Sony is simply better....

As a Leica Q3/Q2 and Sony a7cr/a7rV owner, I do not believe there is an equivalent to the Leica Q3 in the Sony system. Picking one or the other always loses and gains something.

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