Loosing DR with lossless Comp Raw (M)

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Re: Loosing DR with lossless Comp Raw (M)

lattesweden wrote:

chrisfisheye wrote:


Just one thought that I find interesting to share.

Some of you did mention that 26mp raw Lossless is not really raw. Let's be clear about this. It is very good news !

I guess of course each pixel has a full color information. This means that the file is significantly better than a similar sensor with 26mp (or even 33mp like A7CII) with 3 color channels.

In the video, when you compare the images (26mp vs full resolution); it remains surprisingly really close.

People who have used this format, like lattesweden who posted in this thread, were really satified with the IQ. I was too. If the problem revealed in this video did not exist, I would certainly use this format in many cases where 61mp is overkilled.

It saves lots of space (38%) and remains better than let's say the A7CII in terms of effective resolution.

Anyway this is confirmed by dpreview in the Sony A7RV review :

"your 26MP Raws will look better than those from a 26 or 24MP camera, but you'll never fully recover all 61MP of detail"

My conclusion is that it is certainly a good idea. If Sony fixes the problem it will be perfect. Otherwise, the alternative I have found, compressed raw looks good for me.

By the way: thank you to Sony and other brands to take into consideration file size/disk space. Anyway this is optional, but nothing is unlimited. This is not only a question of money I do care about not wasting disk space especially if I do not feel I am sacrifying anything. I always have the option to activate the full resolution mode when I need it.

So please Sony continue in this vertuous path.

If we could get the same method that Leica uses with 36 Mpix scale down and real RAW that would be awesome. Then I could shot 61 Mpix on my nature images and cityscapes and portrait sessions and then go down to 36 Mpix for my low light club events.

Yes, that would be nice. However, note that the lower resolution is not better for low light. It has the same effect as reducing resolution in post. It does save space and does not fill the internal buffer as quickly.

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