How are Sony's latest cameras regarding star eater troubles?

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Re: How are Sony's latest cameras regarding star eater troubles?

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The star eater issue with Sony cameras was well documented in the past. I am wondering how the latest models fare in this regard.

Has Sony fixed this or made it less of a problem?


It's a feature of how they do their lossy Raw files - just save Raws as uncompressed or lossless compressed (as the camera allows).

That’s incorrect. It’s a problem of several brands and irrespective of raw format, compressed or not . You can Google about this; there are hundreds of threads all over the different forums. Some models have it, some not and it’s baked in hardware.

I think Sony has a particular issue but yes, part of the problem is indeed not related to lossy raw and I should have spent more time replying. What I was really saying the is Sony lossy raw encoding produces artefacts when you have large brightness variations in 16-pixel horizontal groups (of the same colour, so 32 pixel groups on the sensor) and you should consider not using lossy raw for Astro shots if you already have Sony.

thanks for the clarification I’ve been shooting Astro for many years with Sony and have always used uncompressed raw. I’m pretty sure the OP wasn’t going in that direction with his question. But your post is a good reminder for folks that are new to this to never use any compression

Lossless is fine, other than being really slow on some Sony cameras...

BTW more on Lossy Raw:

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