EF lenses adapted to G9 II works with AFC

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Re: EF lenses adapted to G9 II works with AFC

RetroBlader wrote:

Jon555 wrote:

toruy_almaden wrote:

He tried it with Metabones Speedboosters as well but had no success.

Thanks - I tried EF with a G9II via a Metabones Smart Adapter and it wasn't good, no better than my GH5 for AFS. (Hopefully there will be software fixes forthcoming, but I won't get a G9II unless it's a lot better than at present.)

In this YouTube video, Caleb Hoover mounted the Sigma 18-35/1.8 on the G9II using the Metabones Ultra 0.71 Speedbooster:


Unfortunately he did the testing outdoors, with a F8 aperture, so presumably gave the AF system more leeway (due to the much larger DoF than at F1.8).

Even then, when I viewed his video on my computer screen, he looked out-of-focus in many instances during the video.

For example, at 3:30:

And at 3:47:

The AF does "catch up" once he is stationary. However, this kind of AF behaviour (lagging behind when the subject is moving) is not exactly reassuring -- in fact, I don't think it is any better than my G9's CDAF.

Hopefully with future firmware updates, Metabones and/or Viltrox will allow better AF performance with adapted lenses.

P.S. Caleb did promise to upload his indoor test video (so presumably using a much larger aperture than F8) soon. I will post a follow-up when that happens.

Thanks for that. Last week I went back with both my MetaBones Smart Adapter (current hardware version, with shiny new fw 4.0) and my Viltrox 0.71x Focal Reducer (EF-M2 II with their older and unrelated fw 4.0). The G9II had been updated to the released v1.0 fw the day before. I used my 24-105 f/4 lens mostly at 105mm to give the camera a bit of a challenge (vs. a faster and shorter lens). Lighting was "bright shop interior".

Following a "settings reset" on the camera I found AFS was at most marginally better than my GH5, subject detection worked okay (vs. a 12-60 Leica on the same camera) and AFC was really unusable on both (IIRC it didn't do anything on the Metabones - I wasn't really keeping exact notes, as it needed to be usable for me to care).

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