Comparing Sony A7CR to Leica Q3?

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Re: Comparing Sony A7CR to Leica Q3?

liggy wrote:

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Francis E wrote:

liggy wrote:

If there were a passel of small Sony lenses similar to what is available for the Fuji X cameras then perhaps a CR would make sense for me but that isn't why I added Sony to the kit.

Yes. My Sony is an (original) A7. I use it extensively with a Zeiss 2.8/35, which is just the right size. Bigger lenses tend to unbalance, which would also be the case with an A7CR.

In that case perhaps you need to think about how you are holding your camera. These aren't point and shoots. With an ILC camera my left hand is always taking the weight and it is holding the lens, not the camera, and is positioned around the balance point.

Believe it or not that's how I hold all of my cameras - most of the time.

For the job of shooting with small primes I happen to prefer shooting my Fujis like that.

When I'm shooting my Sonys - even with primes I like the slightly more robust fast GM primes like the 35 1.4 and 50 1.2.

Those lenses IMO aren't as nice on the A7C variants as they are on the A1 or A7RV. All personal preference, of course.

Since I'm not out shooting brick walls or things of that nature with my Q2 I really don't care if the lens might have a bit more pincushion distortion that will never be seen by anyone but a pixel peeper.

I'd take the rendering of the Q2/Q3 lens/sensor combo over any comparably sized Sony lens option from what I've seen so far. YMMV of course.

I don't want to get into a "mines bigger than yours" discussion here, and I'm sure going close to it, but I'd nominate one lens at least as up to that challenge. The Zeiss 35mm F2 that was designed specifically for the Sony RX1 and its sensor. I'll also stack that lens up against any other Sony lens for the way it renders. Interestingly, it was designed from the outset to go with one camera and sensor. both similar although earlier than the Q2. At the time of the release of the first RX1, the story was that each lens was individually hand fitted and calibrated to the sensor in each camera. It has been speculated that part of the success of the IQ of the RX1 comes from the unusually fine tolerances of this fixed lens combination and its mounting to the sensor. Speed of AF wasn't a strong point though.

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