Loosing DR with lossless Comp Raw (M)

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Re: Loosing DR with lossless Comp Raw (M)

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best review to date. ive know this for many years thats why i always shoot compressed raw on all my sony cameras.

Do you mean lossless or lossy compressed raw? Lossy compressed aka “Compressed” has disadvantages.

just compressed, and i cant see any real world cases for me that uncompressed is any more usefull. im have problems printing ,so im actually printing the 16 bit files from Ps

I shoot lossless compressed because I want the “blackout free” evf of high+ mode with a lower fps than 10.

I find lossless compressed under hi+ gives me like 6-7 fps without the flickering blackouts which I hate. Compressed raw gives 10fps which is too much pics for me to handle.

I need the 10 frames for sec for my macro. in high mode.

Can you elaborate on why you need 10 frames per second? Insects moving? Is 7fps vs 10fps going to make a difference?

i shoot live 10x micro scope objectives, and as far as i know no one is shooting at these mags live bugs. the faster the better, why do you think i keed asking sony to send me an a9 at 120 frames per/sec it means i could get off a 200 image stack in less than 2 secs before the bug moves 😁 it takes me 10 secs to get off 100 images atm.

i just shot this image 4 x

test shot from my new micro studio ,ever tried to build an optical glass cube from .17mm glass 🤔

Thanks. Cool stuff!

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