Some toughts as new A7RIV owner

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Some toughts as new A7RIV owner

I just upgraded from A7III as a former Foveon user. I started with DP1, then all DPMs, DP2Q, SDQ. My all time favorite was DP2M due size and special image rendering, second is DP2Q with better portrait color and unique design. Then I got A7III, almost better every scenario than DP2Q (only some moire and unsharp edges what is sometimes has advantage as buildings, and disadvantage like portraits).

Of course A7RIV with 60MP sensor is even better, no more moire problem at reasonable resolutions (up to 20-25MP). However I can't go by side of noise. Foveon got lot of bashes because of color noise, and yet 60MP Bayer has a quite amount of noise, I can see it at pixel level even at iso 100 in shadows, and become more present at iso400. I don't handle as a flaw, but as a technical side effect. Only difference it's way more fixable than Foveon's color noise, especially with LR AI denoise function.

I see two problems with Foveon:

1. Noise is very hard to fix, if some AI denoise method can handle it. Bayer is not exception from noise problem, but fixable.

2. AF, subject recognition, speed, never even get close latest Sony and other brand Bayer sensor ILCs.

I think Sigma has a extremely difficult route with Foveon, and I adore Sigma for even trying. I'd like to see a new generation Foveon, but I'm almost sure never buy again. I need Bayer sensor flexibility because of my kids, however I dream a DP2Q2 camera that make me leave my Sony system on shelf shooting landscapes and stills.

Sony has a cheating function, pixel shift multishot that can emulate 3 layer sensor with 4 shots. Foveon should have the same function for x4 resolution bump.

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