I Took My Daughter's Gear For a Spin

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I Took My Daughter's Gear For a Spin

My daughter very recently purchased some new gear.

R6 Mark II, RF 100-500L

I have a 7D Mark II and and EF 100-400L II. I also have a 90D for general non-action photography, travel and low light photography.

I also have the EF to RF Adapter and a Canon 1.4 Extender.

I tried usinf the extender with the 7D Mark II and 100-400L lens. I was not happy with the focusing speed nor the sharpness.

I decided to try various combinations to see what O thoguth of the results.

For me, if I make any changes to my gear I would like the following:

1) Some reduction in weight of my gear.

2) A bit more length.

3) Better low light performance

= = = = =

I started with my daughter's R6 II and RF 100-500L.

The first time I touched her gear was yesterday evening for less than an hour. Essentially, I set it up similar to the way I shoot birds in flight.

I was not happy with the touch screen so I disabled it.

I shot in Servo only at 1/2500 sec and wide open (F7).

First I was having a lot of trouble getting the lens to focus. When my 7D II doesn't focus I just turn the focusing ring and focus it on a distant tree. Then everything is fine. I photographed birds from very close to really far away. Once I got focus on I ended up with good images. But the trouble focusing realy bothered me. More later.

I noticed the viewefinder lightened or darkened and that felt odd. I guess when you are shooting non-action subjects you can make exposure adjustments based on the viewfinder being too light or too dark. But when you are photographing inburst in Servo mode adjusting on the fly is probably impossible. When birds flew from below the tree line into a fairly bright scene the viewfind got so dark I couldn't see the bird. On my 7D II I have a button programmed to apply Exposure Compensation of an increase of a stop to make up for the effect of that bright sky on the subject's exposure.


I will skip the next step for a minute and go to the end. Having so much trouble getting the camera/lens to focus really troubled me so I decided to put my daughter's lens back on the camera and try shooting in One shot mode. The camera focused and I had not problems. So something in Servo was causing a problem. Any ideas?

Then I took my EF 100-400L IIlens, EF to RF adapter and 1.4 extender put the on the R6 Mark II and shot in Servo. I usually use a 7D II so my normal effective length in 640mm. Instead, by using the 1.4 extender my effective length was 560mm. I really didn't notice the difference however, I'm sure there was some effect.

I had no trouble getting the lens to focus (in Servo). The extender that felt sluggish on the 7D II and wasn't very sharp seemed to function fine.

My only problem was that the R6 II, EF 100-400L lens, adapter and extender were getting quite heavy. Had I used the 7D Mark II instead of the R6 II if would have been even heavier. Using the 7D II would have given me an effective length of almost 900mm.

I guess the only way to increase the length somewhat would be to use a crop snesor with the RF100-500L lens.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Canon EOS R6
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