A lot of new portable fog (haze) machines. Which to choose?

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A lot of new portable fog (haze) machines. Which to choose?


I have been experimenting for about 7 years with different ways to create a smoke/fog effect for portaits (mainly cosplay but also some fashion stuff).

Past experiences

I've tried the usual halloween/disco-style cheap fog machines, which still work the best but are heavy and just can't be used easily in some places
I've tried smoke bombs of various brands, prices and quality (up to Enola Gaye which used to be the gold standard when I was experimenting with them)
I've tried "atmosphere in a can" (a pressurized bottle of haze-like fluid) and it worked much better than I expected.
I've also seen a lot of videos about the smoke genie, which up until what feels like yesterday was the only portable fog machine that seemed to be around, worked decently well in controlled scenarios but it just was too expensive for the quantity and quality of output.


Now, however, all of a sudden it seems like there are a ton of portable fog machines for a fraction of the price of the smoke genie but with a similar output (in those very controlled situations, they do even worse in "bad" scenarios).
Vosentech microfogger has gotten to version 5, it was actually a competitor of smoke genie in previous iterations but just not marketed as much until this particular version.
PMI (smoke genie's brand) actually released a similar low-budget version called smoke ninja
Ulanzi has its own portable fogger that I seem to get in my Instagram ads almost daily (even tho it's the one with less coverage from influencers and youtubers)
LensGo has 2 versions, a 40W one called smoke B and a 30W that seems to have the same output but is smaller and has one less accessory in its bundled kit, called the smoke S.
I would like to purchase one for myself for Christmas, I just don't know what to buy. There seem to be no direct comparison videos (they are usually compared to full-size smoke machines or the more expensive smoke genie), and the pros and cons of each model seem to be about the same.
If anyone has had any experience with any of these machines I would like your input, even better if you've tried more than one.

Otherwise I'll probably just end up buying what's more easily available in Europe.

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