What "walking case" for the 180-600Z with a camera attached ?

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What "walking case" for the 180-600Z with a camera attached ?

In some situations, I've seen that bringing my Sling with all 5 lenses is too much.
I generally use 70-300E + 18-140Z <OR> 180-600Z + 18-140Z.

In the first case when I'm sure I will not use the 600Z I leave the Sling at home,
and the small bag hosts the rest perfectly.

In the other case for the two lenses, I have no bag:

I can store the 18-140 in a pocket and walk with the camera+lens in one hand.
I've done it and it's not so bad for a couple of hours.
The car is always nearby. Can't walk long anymore.

Not easy when you start sneezing and you need to care for your running nose
if you are in some muddy woods...
or if you want to eat something, if you are in a civilized urban park.

You have an embarrassing mole to deal with to free your hands....
....an interesting object that anybody would covet and grab, as soon you turn your head.

Need a spot where I can eat/drink and have the lens on the top near me,
but if I need to walk with food to get a seat it starts to be a problem.

I have this one that can barely host it for storage or transport.
it's a tight fit, it was the 150-600C bag....
... but cannot use it as a walking bag.

What do you suggest ?

I was thinking of a belt holster or something like that, instead of a huge bag.
I never used Straps but Harness with quick release, may it be a solution ?

Somebody has used it?

( thinking of my camera and lens 3kg dangling from that .. brrr )

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