A6700 Portrait lens: 56/1.4, 75/1.2, or 85/1.8

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A6700 Portrait lens: 56/1.4, 75/1.2, or 85/1.8

I've been trying to decide between Sigma 56/1.4, Viltrox 75/1.2, and Yongnuo 85/1.8.

I have several Sigma lenses (18-35, 50-150, 150-600) and have been very happy with them. The 56/1.4 is well-reviewed. The portrait distance is 172cm for a portrait shot. It is $479 now on sale for $399. Weight 280gm. It is the lightest (less than 1/2 the weight of the 75/1.2) and smallest (40% shorter than the 75/1.2)

I have a Viltrox speed adapter and feel it works well. The 75/1.2 has been well reviewed. Portrait distance of 231cm, or 2 feet further back. 5.6 ft vs 7.6 ft, which may be difficult in some indoor situations. It has the shallowest DOF of the three lenses. The price is $549. Weight 670 gm. It is the largest and heaviest of the lenses.

The Yongnou is the wildcard. I bought one of the first Yongnuo lenses, and it was awful. However, this lens is very highly reviewed, extremely sharp, and has an aluminum construction. It is the only full-frame lens in this group. The price is $349, making it the least expensive. Weight is 385 gm.

I have a pretty big set of Nikon F lenses, which I've used on a Canon 7D. That includes 50/1.2, 85/1.4, 105/1.8, 135/2, and 180/2.8. And my 50-150/2.8. The A6700 is to replace the 7D, and I just can't justify the weight and cost of an A7R V with GM lenses.

I can see advantages to each. Weight and size for the Sigma 56/1.4, along with more indoor flexibility. The fast aperture of the 75/1.2, along with its greater background separation. And cost and image quality of the Yongnuo 85/1.8.

I expect also to get the Sigma 18-50, and with my Sigma 50-150/2.8 using the Sigma MC-11, I can get the equivalent of a 200/4 full frame lens (the long end of a 70-200/4 full frame lens).

Do you have any experience or recommendations that may be helpful in narrowing this down?



P.S. I used this DOF simulator to compare the lenses: https://dofsimulator.net/en/

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