About ripping old V8 analogue tape

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Re: About ripping old V8 analogue tape

satimisliu wrote:

its_a_knife wrote:


You are having these issues because they are sending you an mp4.

They're blending the interlaced fields and giving you a low bitrate file.

I would find somewhere that can give you a proper rip.

The settings I would recommend are 480i, bottom field first, ProRes422HQ.

It's rare you can find someone to rip at this hi of quality so you could build you own capture station.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your advice.

All those profession shops only provide standard ripping service.
When visiting their shops they only show you a standard printed service form, stating:

Ripping service to : mp4/mpeg-2

Service fee : ripping per hour

Nothing else. I have tried two of them with bad result.
The only way for me is to rip the Sony V8 tapes myself. But I don't have the device playing V8 tapes.

Would ripping the tape to mpeg-2 have better quality?


If the issue is poor conversion from Interlaced to Progressive video then it won't make any difference, you either need a good conversion, or to get an interlaced file and try it yourself (in Video AI or a similar product).

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