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Australian prices

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Sony A7CR £350 or 11% reduction from £3,199 to £2849

Sony A7C II £100 of 4.8% reduction from £2,099 to £1,999, Can be found in black at £1,929 for £170 or 8% reduction

Sony A7 IV £300 or 12.5% reduction from £2,399 to £2,099 plus £300 winter cashback on top. Total £1,799 vs £2,399 £600 or 25% off

Sony A7R V £130 or 3.2% reduction from £3,999 to £3,869 plus £400 winter cashback. Total £3,469 vs £3,999 £530 or 12.5%

Quite interesting to see models released just few months ago going through a price reduction. Especially the A7CR has had a material adjustment, the camera was available in store end of September or even later if I recall.

I got an A7C II myself and I was not expecting the price drop

I guess something is coming or sony is reacting to a slowing down market, not sure!

Interesting. I have been wondering if price reductions are coming. I bought an A7CR a couple of weeks ago at an Australian$1000 discount to the regular price here. It was via a quiet little three day promotion from a reliable retailer. Unusually, the promotion was online in small print below the usual price, that I was lucky to spot. The deal is no longer on offer. It got me wondering about a possible official price cut coming up.

I got the A7CR for AUD$3600 a few weeks back too. That's only about £1900 so those UK prices still seem inflated to me. Perhaps they are just bringing them more inline with the rest of the world?

Yes that is what I paid as well and it wasn't even a Black Friday special. It was cheaper than the lowest I could see it in the USA even without adding on postage and duty to bring an import into Australia.

Wow, that's incredibly low, what is the current price? You could nearly buy two for the price of one in the UK!

Are these typical Australian prices? is tax added on top at point of sale or do these included any local taxes/vat etc?

It is on sale. Included taxes

Mine cost some $300 Australian less than that advertised price. Yes, it included local taxes and postage.  Most Australian retailers I can find are charging from around Australian $4500 to Australian $4990.  I'm curious about the wide variation, that's unusual, but I have no explanation.

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