About volume and weight of gear for travel

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Re: About volume and weight of gear for travel

Rumle wrote:

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Alantkh wrote:

My gear I am planning to carry for next trip.

a7r5+14mm gm

a9+35mm f1.2

a7m4 + 85mm dg dn

zve1 + 24mm gm

50mm gm

dji pocket 3.

It fits inside my Shimoda explore 35l


Where will you be going?

My gear fits into a 1.5-2 litre bag with some air left between items

4 cameras?? Really?


Ha ha. When I travel for work, I usually have 4-6 cameras with me.. with one being a medium format and about 8-10 lenses... My bone structure hates my job... But that's more like commute I guess, anyways

Nowadays when I go travel, mostly I'm down to just a A7r and the small Zeiss 35f2.8.. and that's actually 0 liters as it's never in a bag

That 35 f2.8 is the best travel lens I ever had. Before that my "go to" was a 28f2 Nikkor but with that I always felt I needed a longer lens like a 50 or 85mm to compliment it.

The 35 2.8 often travels with me as well. I don't usually have it in my camera bag, it goes in my general luggage. It is handy when I want the smallest possible set up on my A7Riii or A7C. I never travel with both cameras and I am about to replace both with the A7CR. More and more though I use my iphone when I go out at night for non specific shooting when traveling. If there is a particular night shot I know I will want to get, I take the camera.

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