ideal DSLR = large sensor mobile?

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ideal DSLR = large sensor mobile?

Was shopping around for MFT prime lenses, and came to the conclusion that physics seems to favour the approach used in mobile phones.

Most of us dream of a fast objective with at least wide-to-portrait zoom. As we all know, such thing does not exist, and even if it does, it would be crazy bulky and expensive.

But to pick the MFT options as an example, I can purchase the following primes right now:

9mm F1.7 130 grams

20mm F1.7 87 grams

45mm F1.8 115 grams

The paradox here is that these weight less and cost less together than the only 10-25mm F1.7 available, which comes in 690 grams.

So if I accept the burden of swapping objectives and the annoyance of no continuous zoom, I can already have a perfect 9-45 (18-90mm FF) F1.7 wide-to-portrait, in a small package, right now.

So if physics prohibit packing these three primes in one body, why not have a device that has each of them attached all the time? Carrying a mere 200 g extra tops is not a big deal.

My conclusion is that the ideal DSLR is a large-sensor device that has multiple primes. Practically, it is the same approach what phones use, but designed for photo only. The sensor could slide in the body below the prime used, and drop MF for packing the lens as close together as possible.

So why does such a device not exist yet?

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