Lumix G9 pixel shift m43 vs GFX50s in print

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Lumix G9 pixel shift m43 vs GFX50s in print

Lots of angst from me recently about equipment choices and indecision. Should I simplify my gear and get rid of my M43 and aps-C stuff, or not. Bit of a first world problem, but there you have it.

I have an Epson P900 printer (17" carriage, max print size A2).

Take a look at the two shots below, these are 3000px downsizes from my GFX50s and my Lumix G9 in 80MP pixel shift mode. Looking at the full size images, it is clear to me that when pixel peeping at 1:1, the GFX images are miles better. The G9 shot has that slightly odd uprezzed look at pixel level. Hopefully some of that difference is still apparent in the shrunken images.

But the question is, does that GFX advantage show in the print sizes I can make?

Here's my plan. I'm going to take 1/4 size crops from the full size files of these two images and print the crops on my sharpest A4 Baryta paper. This will simulate a section of the full image printed on A2 paper (c 23"x17"). Then I'm going to scan those prints on a desktop scanner and present the scans here for your delectation!

If I can't see any difference between the G9 and GFX, I will then do the same test between standard 20MP G9 and 80MP pixel shift G9.

I love the G9 so much, it is my favourite all time camera, and I want the prints to show no difference, but let's see what the facts show.

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