Nikon Zf, video and shutter speed

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Re: Nikon Zf, video and shutter speed

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Add to that the fact that hardly anyone will be actually be viewing the your 24p footage on a display running at 24p...most will be viewing at 60p and be subjected to motion judder due to 60 not being an even multiple of 24.

I'm not sure this is the case. No video I watch at 24p looks juddery at all on any device I watch it on (and a significant % of YouTube and social media content is filmed at 24p and plays OK). As long as the video was edited/rendered in the same frame rate and the video player is playing it at the right frame rate, it will look smooth. 24p is the standard frame rate many videographers use.

There are a lot of opinions on this, maybe each person has different sensitivity or taste in this regard. I personally think that 24 fps tends to be very juddery if camera moves with respect to the scene.

That's the whole point, it is meant to resemble the film look. That aside, the camera would be gimbled and stabilised for motion shots. Of course it is going to look "juddery" it is is just some guy waving a camera about at 24FPS without stabilisation. 24FPS gives a very specific look. Many films, even modern cinema, still use it and for good reason. It's also excellent for low light.

The whole 24p discussion aside, I was just asking if it's possible to set the Zf to 1/48 sec 🤣 The Fuji X-H2 can be set to 1/48, 1/72, 1/96 etc..

Yes I know you were; however you can only do 1/50. It should not make any difference, or be visible over if you could select 1/48 vs 1/50. Give it a try.

With 24p playback there are two possible motion issues. One is (telecine) judder due to an incorrect pulldown (i.e. 3:2 or 5:5) which cuases a frametime mismatch on certain display devices that refresh at 60Hz.

The other possible issue is frame stutter due to a fast pixel response time (OLED TV's), where there is little to no motion blur that will smooth out each frame. Most people call this judder, but the correct term is stutter and it leads to a whole other discussion whether 24p is still suitable for modern displays.

This wasn't the topic for this thread though Thanks for chiming in all!

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