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Re: Beware of Sigma copy variation

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Interceptor121 wrote:

Bought and returned the 35/2 as it was just unsharp at any distance

Bad luck. I have the 20f2, 24f3.5, 35f2 and 90f2.8 (and I used to also have the 24f2 and 65f2). All are (were) sharp and well alligned.

The problem for me with all the f2 and above Sigma prime lenses is/was;

The Sigma 28-70 2.8c is offering so much more flexibility and its pretty good at 2.8 throughout, its compact, light and f2 isn't so much use when you might find you have 35 fitted and prefer 28 or 50 or 70. It lacks 24mm, but its offering a lot iq for 470gr.

By adding the Sony 20 1.8, on my a7cr or as a two lens set-up I'm covered for 20-70 2.8 extremely well, probably as well as any other option out there, period.

Re the Sony 20 1.8, it is pretty much unbeatable, can be readily used to cover most focal lengths between 20 and 30 on 50/60mp sensors and has low vignette for astro. As a 1 lens solution on hr sensors its also 20-30 1.8 which is really nice for casual night time or as a two lens night time with 35 1.8, the 35mm basically taking over from the 20mm for a touch more focal length.

I also prefer Sony's 35 1.8 over the Sigma, the Sigma is probably better made, but the Sony is lighter and focuses closer, which is more useful than the aperture ring imo.

The Sony 35/1.8 has numerous advantages - better MFD, sharper close focusing, faster linear AF, breathing compensation support, 30fps and weather sealing. It's somewhat unloved largely due to it's rendering/bokeh which can be quite nervous/busy/ugly, generally for pure results the Sigma seems to be preferred by most. I bought and tried this lens several times over the years and tried to like it but ultimately always returned to the Sigma 35s (1.2/1.4/2) or the Sony GM. Same with the Sony 40G - the rendering/bokeh just didn't do it for me personally.

ps - the Sony 20/1.8 has always been on my todo list, everyone raves about it!

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