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Henry Richardson wrote:

gary0319 wrote:

Just went through the same process of whether to upgrade an older I5 desktop or buy new. After finding that the older desktop didn’t have the power supply for a better GPU and wasn’t upgradable to windows 11, the new one got the bid. Picked a mid level gaming I7 13 series with 16 gigs fast DDR5 ram and 3060ti GPU. Everything is great with mere seconds for Topaz Photo AI… until we get to the new Beta generative remove tool. The fans really start to work and if I’m doing a large removal wih lots of detail regenerated I’m looking at 10-12 seconds on an LSF JPEG

As you say, the generative remove in Topaz Photo AI is in beta (*) and they have said that they will be working on improving it and also making it faster. Also, they have said that it runs all on your own computer. Adobe and others do it by running on their servers which are fast, but you need an internet connection and they limit how much you can use it. I have not actually tried the new feature.

* A case can be made that all of Photo AI is still in beta despite Topaz putting it out for sale in September 2022 and we are currently on version 2.1.2. It seems to be their business plan with all their software. Get it sort of working and then collect money and then over time try to make it better and fix bugs.

It does seem Topaz releases tend to come out as Beta or Alpha standard, with Video AI and Photo AI getting a release a week (except for Thanksgiving) and stuff not getting fixed for quite some time. Against that they seem to be still selling upgrade plans on the older products (Sharpen, Denoise, GigaPixel) despite them not being upgraded in ages, which I think is poor. Entertainingly a few people have preferred some of the Betas to the actual following Release, and it's always fun (err...) to try to work out what is the best current version of a product...

My feelings (as I come to the end of my upgrade period for all their tools, with no plans to renew - BTW they didn't even seem to have a Black Friday deal on renewals) are:

Sharpen AI - I struggle with this as you still get sharpening halo-like effects and I think there are better sharpeners all over the place. BTW IMHO if you don't have a sharpener you like try High Pass sharpening in Photoshop rather than rushing out to buy one.

Denoise AI - some way down quality-wise from DeepPrime XD but unlike the latter doesn't only work on Raw files.

GigaPixel AI - An actual useful and good product provided you put the effort in. Unfortunately the last (?ever) version has a new Standard model which likes putting areas of pixillated noise-like crap in some images, and you can't use the previous version of Standard or have multiple GPAI versions installed (BTW Video AI allows you to use old model versions). You can just use 6.2.0 which has the old Standard model, but then you lose the new HQ model.

Photo AI - really annoying and barely Beta. I discovered over the weekend the Brightness tool doesn't work with Raw images (they say lots of parts of it are actually still in Beta). It doesn't have all the resize options of GPAI and seems more a Toy than a useful tool at present, as it fails to do many things a Photo tool should. At the weekend I found the denoise part of it especially annoying as it seems to like either plastic people or noisy people. It does seem to be the future though, with the older tools (that are more-or-less all included in it) apparently no longer developed.

Video AI - A useful tool, again provided you are happy putting the effort in to find out what Model and workflow work for your content. Interestingly they now require AVX2 to install, which is annoying people with older computers full of fast graphics cards, especially as it doesn't appear to use AVX2 when running if you have a good graphics card. Version 4 is really making unhappy people on their forums over its user interface issues.

Oh and if you are getting a new graphics card and considering Photo or Video AI then an RTX one with 10GB+ is probably a good idea, with some features requiring 8GB already (things like Remove still work without that, just glacially on the CPU - there's talk of having "light" versions of tools like Remove for CPU use).

BTW their list of staff vacancies is interesting too, including:

Lead Software Engineer, Video AI
Product Manager, Photo AI
Senior Software Engineer - Photo AI
Senior Software Engineer - Video AI
Senior Software Engineer, AI Performance
R&D Deep Learning Researcher
Lead Software Engineer, Mobile (iOS)
Software Engineer (Product)
Software Engineer, Cloud
Principal Product Designer
UI / UX Designer

Expanding or too many people have left?

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