Is this lens compatible?

Started Sep 5, 2019 | Questions thread
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Re: Is this lens compatible?

User-name-rules-stink wrote:

It will work on your camera. You just need an adapter from M42 to your camera's mount.

I know the post is old, but a question shouldn't be here that long and never get an answer.

Well you wasted your time because the OP just stated YS 85 but not the mount it came with.YS 85 in Sun means an 85-210 with a YS mount.

The YS adaptors came out for several mounts this one for example happens to be with a Minolta SR mount :

many of those lenses were sold with an M42 mount because it was a budget lens that appealed to folk that used screw mount cameras at the time but we don't know what the OP's lens had.

Sigma and Sun made the lenses, some other brands like Vivitar, Soligor and Spiratone sold them but the YS mounts were not fully compatible from brand to brand.

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