Nikon Zf, video and shutter speed

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Re: Nikon Zf, video and shutter speed

Zwepp wrote:

Happy owner here of a freshly acquired Nikon Zf last friday I left Nikon in 2017 for Fujifilm, but I'm not the happy with de AF performance of my two X-H2 bodies. In that regard the Zf is totally awesome! I was just playing around with the video settings, but I can't find a way to set the shutter speed to 1/48 sec for 24p recording. Is this possible with the Zf? Now that Nikon included some more serious video options, like internal 10-bit N-log recording, I was hoping to be able to set the right shutter angle as well. Is this something that can be done with the Z7ii?

1/50 is where you set it. It will work fine. Shutter angles are general rules though. Ie in low light it goes out the window and you need to use your own judgement. Shoot at 1/25 at 24fps to maximise light hitting the sensor and reduce iso. On a more modern camera such as a the z 8 or 9, depending on motion we can drop the shutter speed all the way found to 1/4.

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