Is it worth selling my Sony A7iii to get a A7 IV or Canon R6 Mark ii?

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Is it worth selling my Sony A7iii to get a A7 IV or Canon R6 Mark ii?

Hello, I've had my Sony A7 III since 2019 and have loved it.... but I'm wondering if it's time for me to upgrade.

There are a couple thoughts influencing my decision and I wanted to see what you guys think.

1) I want to try to maximize re-sale value of my Sony A7 iii. I don't want it to get too old and depreciate TOO much. I worry that if I don't upgrade, the Sony A7 V will come out in the future and further depreciate my A7 iii. (I know the A7 V is still a ways away from being released but it's something I think about)

2) Is the Sony A7 IV and/or the Canon R6 Mark ii good enough of an improvement to make a upgrade even worth it? Or should I keep waiting for the Sony a7 V or a new Canon r6 mark iii? (It sounds like both of those wouldn't come out til 2024-2025) I'm leaning towards the Canon and switching lens systems.

3) Cyber Monday deals are going on right now... so if there's a time to buy, right now is a a good time.

4) As for use case, I mostly use the camera for hybrid photo and video travel vlogging. I put it on a gimbal stabilizer and do a mix of video and photo. Occasionally I setup video shoots for my company but that is rare. I do like to take family portraits and do landscape/travel photography. I also use the camera to shoot YouTube videos.

5) I have the money to upgrade but I'd rather be smart about upgrading when it makes sense (based on re-sale value or depreciation rate).

6) All this said, I don't absolutely NEED to upgrade. My Sony A7 iii does the job perfectly fine and I could get some more time out of my current camera but if it's a question of it getting too old and maximizing re-sale vale and if the upgrade-cycle makes sense right now then I'd upgrade ASAP.

Any thoughts? Appreciate it!

Thank you!

Canon EOS R6 Sony a7 Sony a7 III
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