Will this happen on Z8/Z9?

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Re: Will this happen on Z8/Z9?

ContaxRTSII wrote:

Withe the Zf, I found it very convenient using MF lens with help of eye detect. But the size and weight of ZF seems balanced better with smaller lens.

For some larger/heavier MF/vintage lens, I prefer to use Z8/Z9 for better balance between the body and lens but losing the capability of eye detect.

Use of eye detect and magnification makes manual focusing super efficient.

Now I'm curious if Nikon will implement this feature to their, at least, top of the line body--Z8/Z9? Or Nikon tend to make money by forcing every MF user to buy Zf forever?

Interesting - did not realise the zf did this. So you are saying with MF glass attached it would still look for eyes and allow you to pull focus to that eye? I'd like to see that on the Z 8 for sure.

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