Advice for upgrading from Nikon D3300

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Advice for upgrading from Nikon D3300

TL;DR - looking for a reasonable amateur/hobbyist crop sensor camera with faster/more advanced autofocus than my current Nikon D3300, any help is appreciated.

My current main camera is a Nikon D3300 (simple set up… kit lens + 35mm f/1.8) which has been more than sufficient for my casual hobbyist needs… but the autofocus on the D3300 can't seem to keep up with my toddler running around/refusing to stand still recently. I also have a Sony A6000, which has faster AF and produces more in-focus action photos of my child, but has less preferable ergonomics and color rendition for my taste, so I’ve been using it mostly as a secondary/travel camera.

I’ve been thinking about buying a different camera with faster/more advanced AF, and I’m between a few different models. If I stay with Nikon:

  • Nikon D7500: this will probably feel very familiar and is probably the most cost-effective option, but I wonder if this will leave me wanting to switch yet again to a mirrorless system in a few years.
  • Nikon Z50: with an FTZ adapter, perhaps this would offer the best balance of the features I’m looking for within the Nikon world..?

But I’m also not too deeply invested in Nikon, so I’m also considering other brands:

  • Canon R7: the specs and reviews seem impressive, but unsure if the specs on paper will necessarily translate into real-life advantage over the two Nikons above for an average dad photographer, and it's at the higher end of my price range.
  • Sony A6600/6700: again the specs seem impressive, but will I be annoyed by the ergonomics and color science like I was with the A6000? And the new A6700 is at the higher end of my price range.

Few other things about me:

  • I don’t shoot video (not on the camera anyway).
  • I don’t really feel the need for a full frame.
  • I’ll probably stick with the basic zoom lens (18-55mm or similar) + 35mm prime combo for now… maybe a longer zoom lens down the road when my kid starts playing sports. Ideal budget for body + basic zoom + 35mm prime is between $1000-1500, potentially with used or refurb deals.

Would love to hear some thoughts, including other options not specifically listed above. Thanks!

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