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I already have the 70-300

TN Args wrote:

Mike Fewster wrote:

jack scholl wrote:

Spent a couple days in Key West recently. Climbed the stair tower near Mallory Square for some photos. Noticed very faintly on the horizon what looked like a marker just to the right of the flag pole . . .

35mm jpg from raw file

Shifted to jpg and turned on CIZ.

70mm CIZ file

After zooming in on the screen discovered the Sand Key Light, some 6 nautical miles SW of Key West. And subsequently learned about screw pile foundation lighthouses. Quite interesting.

Back on the laptop, cropped both the 35mm jpg from raw file and the 70mm CIZ jpg file to 300mm +/- for comparison.

300mm +/- crop from 35mm raw/jpg

300mm +/_ from 70mm CIZ file

These are obviously not gallery material, but this kit sure makes a fun 16-300mm walk around setup. And the CIZ crop at least holds its own.


Similar thinking convinced me to buy the A7Cr. I don't use longer teles often and I didn't want an expensive /heavy ff long lens for my tot so frequent needs. I conclude that the A7CR plus the 70-350 would be the solution but I hadn't seen photos to back this up. Now I have. I pick up the 7CR in 10 days. Then the APS-C tele will be added.

…and you will have ƒ/10 light gathering ability.

I would pick the 70-300 G any day over the 70-350 APSC lens for that purpose. At least you can switch to 61 MP FF and ƒ/5.6 for shorter tele.

And it doesn't impress me much. The 70-350, on APS-C  is giving 525mm equivalent. I'm quite happy to use one of the new denoise programs and raise the iso to deal with low light. The 70-300 is considerably bigger and heavier than the 70-350.

If I was a pro wildlife or sports shooter, I might feel differently about the 70-350 but in that case I wouldn't be choosing the 70-300 as my tele anyway.

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