About volume and weight of gear for travel

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I blush to share this...

deednets wrote:

Mike Fewster wrote:

I have written about my travel set up several times here.

Here's my thinking. Changing lenses while traveling is a PITA and forever risks having to be done in circumstances where you might hesitate to open your camera.

Good zoom lenses are now far better than was once the case. The 20-70F4 Sony is my dream come true travel lens. It is also very cropable on modern Sony sensors. I'm entirely happy to use it to cover from 20-100 , with cropping, focal length. I no longer need a faster lens. I'm happy to raise iso and use Topaz or similar to clean an image up if I think it needs it. I'd add the voightlander for the wider cover, unless you are into was starscapes and here you might need something faster.

Those two lenses will give you a fast, lightweight set up where lens changing wont be a hassle. I travelled recently in Thailand where you will have similar conditions.

I dont want my camera gear to have to travel below on planes. My suggested set up can stay with you in the cabin. In my main checked in bag I have a small, lightweight camera bag that can be used on the street once we have arrived and I'm out shooting.

A PITA it maybe for you but I have done international travel on planes for more than 40 years so have some idea as to what it's like to change a lens. 100+ trips to tropical locations rainforests, deserts, often 3 to 4 trips a year going through a multitude

I take it your advice was in good faith and you wanted to help, which is fine, just wanted to point out that I am not a beginner.

I use a little less than an A4 page bag for 2 lenses in Fuji "wraps", plus the camera and a second battery and a couple of SD cards, not because I shoot so much, but because I sometimes forget to delete previous collections So also know how to travel with those 3 lenses, a total of 1600 grams. At my final destination I often leave one or 2 lenses at the hotel, should I stay at a hotel that is ...

Northwest Vietnam can get quite cold by the way even during the day as the whole area is quite mountainous.

Thanks for trying but my guess is that you and me are not on the same train on this one ...


I agree that this is horses for courses territory and we all have different styles and therefore ideas on what we need.

Actually, I'm 81 and I have been doing this for a lot, a real lot, of years. My first overseas trip was with a single camera, a mamiya C330. My favourite one camera solution in recent years was Europe with an RX1. Have a good trip.

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