DXO PL7 vs Capture 1 Pro

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Re: DXO PL7 vs Capture 1 Pro

Pixel8888 wrote:

You should trial them both.

IMHO C1 is the better more professional product.

C1 has levels/autolevels making quite a differnce and gives the images a pop or 3d pop.

Interface sliders are better.

Highlight recovery is better!!!

Precise handling of colors!!!

As you mentioned masking.

And a lot of tools like speed editing

Last not least C1 is faster


DXO is better for noise reduction.

The DXO dehaze tool is better

DXO dehaze aka Clearview plus works fine, but it has very annoying flaw. When it is used (no matter local or global) almost any other local change affects whole image (beside local selection) in a weird and unpredictable way. It is more noticeable when Clearview is set to a high value.

DXO lens profiles are better, as long as your lens is supported.

The little denoise preview windows is useless. With deep prime you don't see what you get. You have to process the whole image and export before you see what deep prime denoise did.

That's different with topaz Photo Ai. Another good product.

But DXO is not feature complete. Additional contrast sliders require the acquisition of an additional DXO filmpack product. Without these sliders the images look a bit flat. They make a big differnce and should be part of PL.

And last not least the subscription, perpetual license story. That would be a plus for DXO.

Both are good products, but I give my vote to C1, but own both in their latest version

I skip the PL upgrade every second year.

C1 has very good video tutorials from C1/David and case you like some deep dives, check out Paul Reiffer's C1 tutorials on YouTube.

DXO tutorials are good to.

Trial them both and decide what's better for you and your work flow.

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