Photos that I would have like to have taken with my A1 but could not

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Re: You are missing the point.

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functionality goes to the lumix fz150

and you are wrong , only cameras withy blackout free evf can take the extreme macros i posted. the are 10 x live 200 image stacks. im the only one with the setup to shoot live at 10x FF .no one else has even attempted it yet.

Sorry I don't understand the concept bugs move unless they are dead and therefore stacking is not a possibility because focus stacking does not compensate for movement

my skill level is way beyond most macro shooters. bugs move but they still take a pause and thats where i fire off up to 200 images with a very specialized system that i invented .it can take me all day to get the ultimate shot. but when i get them they are amazing.

If something is motionless then you can shoot with any camera of your liking

live is not motionless, why did you think i asked for sony to send me a free a93 😁200 image stack in less than 2 seconds would be awesome.

OM-1 and G9 have blackout free evf but am not sure what is the point of that if the oject is static

By the way you are going widly off topic and yet not adding any value to the discussion which seems to be a feature of yours

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You may take 200 images but you don't use them all and in any case this is off topic

of cause i use the 200 images dof on a 10x microscope objective is tiny . in fact i need 200 images every 1.5mm to even get half the spider in focus for a good image stack.

we are talking static objects here that a camera that costs less than $1,000 can take but the Sony A1 can't

I will cheerfully acknowledge that those are super good macros. But you say yourself that you have a superior set up. I don't know what it is but it shouldn't be necessary. It certainly isn't something available/known to most photographers. And you seem keen to keep the details to yourself, which is fair enough.

The point is that a camera with half decent AF bracketing ought to be able to do this kind of shooting relatively easily. It can be done on other brands and has been available for quite a while. That is what is being discussed. As I said, and as no one has challenged, the same goes for pre shoot where Sony has had a similar blackout. Some photographers are very very good at estimating what is about to happen and getting the shot. Check NZ macros bifs. For us mere mortals, when the tech is available, we think it should be included.

The Sony A1 has the computing power that should make af bracketing an easy thing to add, especially given the quality of Sony AF.

i found AF bracketing on my em12 absolutely useless.


I asked "why" because I am not sure what an em12 is. If you are referring to the af focus bracketing on the em 10 range, it isn't surprising that you are underwhelmed. It isn't comparable with what the top end models offer.

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