Olympus Stylus 1....does anyone have any personal experience?

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Re: Olympus Stylus 1....does anyone have any personal experience?

I have 2 of them plus another one not working, just for parts. They are excellent versatile and unique cameras. If you are used to Olympus menus the Stylus 1/1s is a breeze. I have a couple of Oly M1 bodies and an OM Systems OM-1, but I use the Stylus1 for convenience and when bigger cameras are not allowed.

The downside of these excellent cameras is that they have not been made for many years and Olympus camera division no longer exists. The company who took over Olympus cameras are not interested in repairs so you are at the mercy of independent repairers. Spare parts are generally not available. They can be quite fragile and they have known serious and unrepairable issues if handled roughly, like being dropped. I have one perfect and very beautiful version which does not work and cannot be repaired. Sob-sob!

You are unlikely to find another pocket camera with an excellent constant f2.8 lens, 28-300mm [equivalent] lens and an excellent evf. It really is like a mini EM10. I love my 2 working versions, but buy one at your peril. Regard it as a disposable purchase.

If you look at my post of about an hour ago you can get a rough idea of what they can do, and there is an album of images taken exclusively with my Stylus1 on Flickr here.


Hope this helps. Now you have to find one and pay the price.

Ken C

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