Unpopular opinion: Sony now has the best JPEG color

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Unpopular opinion: Sony now has the best JPEG color

To me this is nothing new, I thought this was the case when I first used the A7SIII, but now over 2 years later, the myth of Fujifilm SOOC Jpeg is still out there.

Maybe a lot of people just don't have a Sony camera with the BIONZ XR chip and the new color science that came with it? Or maybe people just didn't bother to try the new "creative style" because the old one was pretty bad?

Simply put, the standard look on new Sony cameras are just as good as any other brand, in fact I think it's better than Fuji, on par with Nikon/Canon, except Nikon/Canon don't have creative styles, which is where the fun really begins:

VV is just a more contrasty version of standard, no surprises here. I was hoping it would look more like Leica M, but having compared it with M11, the yellows just don't look the same.

VV2 is almost exactly the same as Leica Q2, just with some differences in overall saturation and contrast, which you can easily change to make it over 95% the same as Q2:

VV2 -4, 0, +3, 0, -4, 0, 3, 0

FL, this is the no brainer film-like preset, but also, it looks almost the same as negative film on Ricoh GRIII.

FL -4, -4, +1, 0, -2, 0, 3, 0

IN, at first you might think this is for "instagram" and maybe that was the intention but what this really emulates, is Classic Chrome on Fujifilm, again, almost exactly the same! Except this setting has a "fade" effect by default with high black point so the similarity is not obvious. But if you back it down to 0, you realize the warm tone and blueish greens are indistinguishable from CC film simulation.

IN +2, 0, -2, 0, -2, 0, 3, 1

So to me it's a no brainer which camera is better for SOOC, Sony just has all the most praised SOOC looks.

Where is Classic Neg? that's another favorite from Fujifilm. Unfortunately can't really do that yet on Sony, because what NC really is, it's just CC with a blue tint on shadows, and there's no such functionality in Creative Style. You can try to shift the white balance, but that's global and not targeted to shadows.

What really made Film Simulation so special was the fact that it had a hue shift component, in other words it made use of the HLS adjustments in Lightroom, where as most other cameras only gave you "looks" that differ in basic contrast and saturation. Specifically, Fujifilm shifts the greens toward blue, among other things.

You might have seen people trying to sell Sony Picture Profile settings that supposedly look like film or Film Simulation, those were all scams, because Picture Profile still didn't have hue shift functionality, it was only able to change luminance of certain hues, and that's just not enough.

Ricoh GR III
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