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GreatOceanSoftware wrote:

I have to say that I’ve been quite happy with the silver finish that Fujifilm used on the XE4. After two and a half years and tons of trips, the finish has held up remarkably well.

While I haven’t dropped any camera equipment in decades (knock on wood), my gear does tend to accumulate “camera bag love” (rubs and brassing). But this finish is resisting much better than I expected.

I’m mostly disappointed in the silver finish on other brands and models when I go into camera stores. They just seem to have a cheese-factor, and I can’t imagine that they would hold up well. Maybe it’s because they don’t have a pleasant texture, or the demo models take an unusual amount of wear.

Anyway, I was wondering about your experience here. Please share.

Good to hear silver is going strong.

My XE4 is nearly a year old and the silver is still in pristine condition.

Beaut little cam. I've used it a lot in the earlier months including some longer walks with the PD Capture Clip on my backpack or my belt.

I used it recently to photograph a 90th birthday lunch where I was unexpectedly asked if I would take some pics. I took a lot of pics as it was a large crowd. I had the old 23mm 1.4 on it and the combo did well. Camera didn't miss a beat, the silver glistened in the limelight.

I sometimes add a Lume Cube (usually at night) since I don't have the little add-on flash. It's passable for some extra light but a little bulky and quite fussy to use as you need to press and hold to turn it on then press up to 10 times to get a bright enough light and that's annoying when someone impatient is waiting for the picture of the century.

I should use the XE4 more as it is very compelling and I prefer it to my next smallest camera, the all-black xs10, well because, it's just nice, even though the xs10 has has all the bells and whistles.

All my other cameras are black, XT4, XH2s, a couple of Canons and an omd em1 mk2.

The only other silver I had was the OMD EM5 Mk 2 and that was a great camera to look at as well as use!

I previously owned an all White Pentax K-x and regretted my colour choice immediately. Later I still hadn't learned my lesson and purchased a Horribly Yellow Pentax Q7 that I just hated being seen with, just looked very much like a toy.



I had the Olympus OM-D EM5 II in silver as well. I didn’t keep it very long because the flippy screen was such a turn off.

That's always a polarising factor lol. I mostly just filled it in and used the viewfinder.

In terms of holding up, I was using it almost daily for admin in a busy commercial environment and it held up so well. I even dropped it from just over a metre when I bumped the table top tripod. It fell into concrete, the viewfinder cover flew off. Fortunately after clipping it back on it went straight back to work without missing a beat

So I don’t know how well it would have held up. But I seem to recall liking the finish. I don’t get the same reaction now when I see the OMD-5 in the store now.

Yes I think the em5ii was a standout and they took the newer body downmarket
(Although the em1iii innards would make it work better).



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