AI denoise and sharpening.

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Re: AI denoise and sharpening.

Serguei Palto wrote:

Ken Croft wrote:

I cannot explain why your exif shows they were processed in CS6, which I do have. These were all from OM Workspace only, directly from orf files.

Please have a look at the Nuthatch at full resolution. You will see a small green patch on the back/wing of the bird. This exists in the raw orf file and stays throughout Workspace. To find out what was going on, I then converted the raw of the Nuthatch to dng and then processed through CS6 and the false green was gone. (My ancient CS6 will not accept orf from any of my Olympus cameras other than my Stylus1). But all the posted images have only been processed from orf files with no adjustments other than cropping and AI noise reduction. Hence the comments about poor processing, because there is none!

Ken C

These are not my EXIFs. These are EXIFs of your images, and they have no information that your images were processed in the Workspace, but they do tell to everybody, that your images came from CS6.

Thank you for pointing this out.

I now realise what has happened.

All those images went through Workspace and were cropped and noise reduced. Then they went through Photoshop CS6 for resizing to 2000x1500, and I guess this is why the exif data shows as processed by CS6. I do not yet know how to resize in Workspace to a specific size. [Edit: Found it immediately in the cropping page, all I usually look at is the aspect ratio information because it refuses to crop to the original ratio without my input].

Here is the same Nuthatch orf image put though Workspace once again and cropped and noise reduced. This time is has not been anywhere near Photoshop and it is the same size as it left Workspace. For my interest please show the exif data.

Nobody likes being exposed as a cheat, and I am anxious to have my name cleared.

orf file cropped and processed to jpg in Workspace

Ken C

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