Why I’m sticking with SLRs

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Re: Why I’m sticking with SLRs

GeoffRG wrote:

Brev00 wrote:

You really can't expect a two year old pro camera to be as affordable as a much earlier model. The D5 is 7 years old. I expect in five years there will be some great deals on the Z9 and you can make your move then.

I see the Z8 as the first z camera Nikon has made that offers a seamless transition in terms of size and handling from my DSLRS (D500, D610). But $4K would be the starting point of the cost. Compared to my used D610's $850 price tag and the D500's $900 cost. I don't think the Z8 will fall to $900 anytime soon! But, trading stuff in will help. It may just be a matter of time for me. I don't want to fence myself in by saying I will never get a mirrorless camera. I hate to be wrong!

Indeed, I waited for 6 years before D5s became affordable and there were two new flagships announced in that time. My lenses are actually more recent but again new models of all of them had been released before I bought them.

The biggest difference between my recent upgrades and a move to mirrorless would be that I don’t have a collection of unused lenses to cushion the financial impact anymore.

So, the cost of switching to mirrorless is a, and maybe the, prime obstacle in your making the move. I can afford the move and can lessen the impact by selling my two DSLRs and a few of my FX lenses. I would keep several to use with the adapter maybe getting just a z midrange zoom to start.

I don’t really want to change, I have been using SLRs in one form or another for around 50 years so many of the “advantages” so beloved of mirrorless users don’t move me.

You have said that you know that the advantages of shooting f mount outweigh the benefits of shooting z. But without ever using the Z9. What if you were gifted the Z9 and used it for a month? Would you then see more advantages and fewer cons? Hypothetical of course but I think it is possible that you would then prefer the Z9 and start making concrete plans to buy one. Even if it would take a couple of years. My main stumbling block is anxiety over the loss of the OVF. Again, using a z8 for a month may eliminate that anxiety. Right now, it would be a leap of faith. But if we made the move, I don't think we would look back.

However, like you I don’t want to say never, I bought my Mother an iPad for her 90th birthday, if she could embrace new technology at 90 I guess I’ll have to get on with it too, one day.

One thing I won’t do is buy on credit, unless I can pay it off the following month.

Which brings us back to the idea that cost is the prime obstacle. If you can't afford to switch, then it's not really a choice that you have.  But if you win the lottery . . .

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