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Re: DXO PL6 strange behaviour

Digital Nigel wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Digital Nigel wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Digital Nigel wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Isolate those corners and check again.

Actually, it's not just vignetting. When the house and the roof of the shed get brighter, the brown foliage gets darker.

Yes, agreed. I've done another test, with a stronger LA effect, and I can see that the effect, though slight, does affect brighter areas across the image.

So it's fair to say that some anomaly does exist with your system, although it's much less apparent than it is with mine.

I know you normally use a custom preset. Maybe you can try with the No Correction preset applied just to limit any other variables.

After some more experiments, I think I've pinned it down to how ClearView works.

It seems to do some sort of averaging across the image to produce a balanced effect. So, if you have a large local adjustment that does dramatic things in part of the image, CV adjusts the rest of the image to balance it (so a very bright LA area causes a slight darkening in the rest of the image). This applies even if the CVP is applied via another local adjustment rather than globally.

If CVP is used at typical levels (ie, much less than 100), the effect is too mild to be noticeable.

What isn't clear is whether this is a carefully designed effect that's been deliberately programmed into the ClearView algorithm, or a bug.

The other part that isn't clear is why some systems show a very distinct difference while in others the difference is barely perceptible. Or is that a consequence of the content of the image? So far, I don't remember any of us running the same tests using the same source image on our own systems.

Yes, that's why I asked the OP to share a raw+dop file to try on other machines, but he refused. I'm now coming to suspect that computer hardware or PL version or camera model isn't a factor: it's just how CVP works, probably by design, but perhaps accidentally.

I did not refused, I simply think that it is easily replicable, so it is not necessary.

Just take image with low colour saturation, like from this link:


and replicate several simple settings.

If image is sort of monochromatic (like the rocks on initial images were) and saturation plus colour temp is modified globally, results are very visible. In other cases results may be mild - it depends from the contents of the image.

The problem is - I have mentioned it elsewhere in this thread - that global clearview works for the image WITH applied local adjustments, while local adjustments rather should be applied on top of ALL global settings.

This explains odd behaviour of program. I have showed this in the example in which two versions of the same image were tested: one version with "live" local adjustment, other one with this same adjustment "inprinted" (image was processed with the adjustments). For both versions strong clearview was applied. Both were looking exactly the same, till the local adjustments in the first version was off.

If You wish I can put test image with DOP file for download, but please let me know where it can be uploaded. Also You may send me a private message with an email if You wish.

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