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Re: Been a month and OP has not responded

Thom Hogan wrote:

Brev00 wrote:

Yes, date of last manufacture. I am going by Feb. 2022 when they were discontinued.

That was not necessarily the date of last manufacturing.

The purpose of the law is to protect the consumer so that companies that were not repairing products for those 7 years now must.

The legislation has a slightly different intent than that. It dictates that parts for repair must be retained for seven years after last manufacturing date. It doesn't mandate that the company itself repair the product.

This gets us back into the old "authorized repair shop" and "third parties can/can't buy parts" issues we went through earlier in the DSLR era.

No company has to stop repairing items after 7 years.

Nor do they technically have to repair things for seven years, as I note above ;~). NikonUSA gets themselves into rabbit hole because they first stopped authorizing third party repair shops, then stopped selling parts to others. So, from a sticky legal standpoint, they probably do have to repair for seven years.

I am just saying the law was to enable repairs not limit them. Doesn't this only apply to cameras bought and repaired in California?

And now you are saying that Nikon will probably not repair D500s for even the full 7 years after they were discontinued. I would be surprised by that especially given my recent experience with the D90 but you say things have changed and you have inside info.

It seems to vary with product, which tells me that it's a parts situation. The D90 was made in such incredible numbers that NikonUSA probably stocked a large inventory of parts, all of which aren't depleted. Unclear with a D500 what will happen, but we're in the period now where we're all going to find out soon.

Another factor is the repair records of the different cameras. If the D500 requires fewer repairs than the D90, then its lesser parts inventory may hold up better than expected. My D90 showed shutter problems only four years into my ownership. I replaced it with a D7100 and kept it around in the backgroud not getting the repair until it completely failed. Would be great to have access to Nikon's data on the D500 repair record.

And it is my opinion that the majority of d500 cameras will work smoothly past a repairability expiration date (goes to your idea of concern).

If you go to the crowd-sourced database, you get this for the D500:

Average number of actuations after which shutter is still alive: 125,064.5
Average number of actuations after which shutter died: 188,444.6

I just looked at that site. Looks like they based this on a crowd of 77 people. Only data on 77 cameras is reported in the chart. How they calculated lifespan in terms of shutter count from 77 cameras I do not know. Statistics! That average number would be unfortunate as Nikon rates it at 200K actuations. But, that is an average, not a median.

It isn't so much age that dictates when a camera needs repair, it tends to be two things for a DSLR: (1) mirror/shutter problems; and (2) dropping/accidents. To that I'd add internal battery clock, but any competent repair person can fix that one.

Now I am going to start worrying about my D500 breaking down! Not. I have actually been thinking of selling it (going back full time to fx), trading it in during the Nikon's current Z8 sale, or maybe downsizing it all and getting a Zf. Lots of choices. "What, me worry?"

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