17-35mm f/2.8D -- Choices, choices.

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Re: 17-35mm f/2.8D -- Choices, choices.

Reggie Stration wrote:

Hi Michael

Sorry to hear about your 17-35. I have had one for many years also and it’s a perfect zoom range for things like travel snd photo journalism. I did have the autofocus repaired by Nikon Canada at one point several years ago. I also had to have my 28-70 repaired and both are still going strong.

However, in recent years with the D850 I have noticed that even when shot on a tripod with mirror lock up etc the lens just wasn’t sharp enough compared to my 14-24. It is handy for those times when I need to use an ND or polarizing filter that I can’t do on the 14-24 but other than that it just sits in my camera bag these days.

Tough call though, I guess repairing it, if still possible, depends on how much you value the lens. Personally, I think it was a great film lens for many years but not a strong enough performer for the current state of DSLR technology. Mine is in perfect condition and though I don’t use it anymore, I’m still hanging onto it for sentimental reasons.



I also have the lens and have had it for many years . . . second owner and the original owner had the AFS motor fail and replaced under warranty by NIKON CANADA . . . love the wide angle range and usually have it mounted on a camera for walkabout landscape type shooting . . . not the purest sharpest lens in the pack but with TOPAZ AI . . . anything is possible . . . lol!!!

Love the lens . . . taken many great captures with it . . . enjoy yours!!!



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