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Re: Been a month and OP has not responded

Thom Hogan wrote:

Brev00 wrote:

Nikon is apparently one of those businesses. I sent in my D90 for repair 11 years after it was discontinued and they could do it.

But, I had it done at a local shop for half the price.

Those two things don't make sense together. You sent it to Nikon and they could repair it, but it was actually repaired by someone else for less? Which is it?

After they gave me the estimate, I had them return it to me. They did not repair it. The local shop did at half the price. Nikon had the parts.

Even if Nikon will not do a repair, there is a possibility unaffiliated operations can do it.

If parts are available. So it starts to depend upon what the failure is. Also, many of the repairs that are happening now by third parties on out-of-repair cameras are being done by scavenging parts from used equipment. This is pretty much the only way that film SLRs are getting repaired these days.

It is your opinion that repairability is a concern for Nikon cameras.

For anything that hasn't been made in the last seven years, NikonUSA won't repair them unless they have a few of the right parts left over. That's getting rarer and rarer.

It's not a concern for me.

You already admitted that you used a third party repair service. We're getting fewer and fewer of those around, but as long as you're okay with the third-party repair situation, then great.

Well, they did the repair and the camera works so sure. One good experience.

You are guessing that Nikon will no longer repair the d500 past 2029.

Actually, I believe that will happen sooner than that. The California law is "date of last manufacture," not "date of last sale."

Yes, date of last manufacture.  I am going by Feb. 2022 when they were discontinued.  The purpose of the law is to protect the consumer so that companies that were not repairing products for those 7 years now must. No company has to stop repairing items after 7 years. And now you are saying that Nikon will probably not repair D500s for even the full 7 years after they were discontinued. I would be surprised by that especially given my recent experience with the D90 but you say things have changed and you have inside info.

Even though they'll repair the D90 11 years out (maybe still). Nikon's track record is much better than this 7-year limit.

I deal with hundreds, probably of thousands of folks getting repairs. I can tell you that there's plenty of products Nikon no longer will repair. Moreover, the stocking of parts for repair at NikonUSA has gone down. They live very close to "just in time" with parts now, whereas back at the height of the DSLR boom (e.g. D90), they stocked plenty of extras.

And it is my opinion that the majority of d500 cameras will work smoothly past a repairability expiration date (goes to your idea of concern).

No. Now you're getting off track. A D500 that works today should keep working for quite some time. The primary issue long-term would be mechanical parts, such as the shutter. But the good news about digital cameras is that they're mostly digital. It's fairly rare that the digital board fails over time.

The bigger problem for a D500 owner would be what happens if they drop their camera? They can no longer replace it new. So then what do they do? Which is one reason why I was asking questions. I am interested in how people are viewing this.

I am glad that the D500 is built not to fail so its lifespan is expected to be a long one. Unless in five or so years one runs over it or drops it or it burns up in a fire.  Some people do worry about such worst case scenarios I guess.

Maybe the question could have been phrased: are you concerned about repairability and if so . . .? And why stop there and not ask about replaceability?

Sure. I'll take that as constructive word usage criticism. However, I also type probably the equivalent to a short novella a day. I don't always have time to go through and carefully consider every word I write.

I am happy that you have taken the  time to respond to all of these points.

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