I'm curious about those still using D500

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Re: Been a month and OP has not responded

Thom Hogan wrote:

Brev00 wrote:

Thom Hogan wrote:

I have no agenda here other than to hear what people are thinking.

It seemed to me that your third question hinted at an agenda.

Nope. This is one of the problems of the Internet: some people simply interpret questions/statements with suspicion.

And some people could improve the way they phrase things. For example: For those people who are 'still' using a D500, are you 'even' considering a mirrorless camera. I don't see the need for those two words. Not unlike my asking you: have you 'finally' switched to mirrorless?

My only agenda was in understanding how D500 owners were thinking about their current camera and what happens next.

The idea that a D500 will at some point not be repairable is an oft stated con of keeping a DSLR.

Has nothing to do with DSLRs. Virtually all hardware these days follows the California warranty guidelines: parts available for repair for seven years after last manufacturing done. Very few businesses see an upside to repairing products longer than that, as it means that they have to keep inventories on hand or keep parts manufacturing going.

Nikon is apparently one of those businesses. I sent in my D90 for repair 11 years after it was discontinued and they could do it.  But, I had it done at a local shop for half the price.  Even if Nikon will not do a repair, there is a possibility unaffiliated operations can do it.

Very few categories of product support on-going third party parts (autos are an exception).

Repairability is a concern for any camera these days. Nikon mirrorless hasn't made it to seven years yet, though Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony have hit that with a number of early mirrorless products. Which generally are "off repair" now.

It is your opinion that repairability is a concern for Nikon cameras. It's not a concern for me. You are guessing that Nikon will no longer repair the d500 past 2029. Even though they'll repair the D90 11 years out (maybe still).  Nikon's track record is much better than this 7-year limit. And it is my opinion that the majority of d500 cameras will work smoothly past a repairability expiration date (goes to your idea of concern). Maybe Nikon is changing their approach with the Z cameras. Do you have evidence for that? But the Z  cameras seem pretty similar from one generation to the next so repairing a z6 may not be a problem until years after the entire series is discontinued.

The D500 will likely be replaceable if not repairable for the foreseeable future.

You've just answered my question with your opinion, which I've filed away with the rest of the responses. I'm not going to get into a debate at the moment about whether I believe you (and others) to be right. That wasn't the purpose of my asking.

Maybe the question could have been phrased: are you concerned about repairability and if so  . . .? And why stop there and not ask about replaceability? This is likely the door that will shut on committed d500 users. Not repairability. One can still get a Nikon d100 21 years after its release.

Some of us come from a time when we were trained to listen (at least on occasion). You have to be very careful when doing a Focus Group, for instance, that you don't actually steer the responses (steering questions is okay, but not responses).

The observer always influences what is observed. Acknowledging bias is simply being transparent.

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